Welcoming Winter

I have had to change plans and objectives enough to drive me ten years ago nuts, but as it’s all not really that important, I don’t mind too much. The last few days were supposed to be in Zion, but due to me getting a virus the night before heading out and a heavy rain, plans changed yet again. I was lucky enough to recover in only 2 days and have my partner come up to my place for a journey of local favorites just in case I got a relapse of the illness that knocked me on my back.

Rob Warden and I climbed full days starting in the freezing temperatures and finishing as the sun went down. Enjoy some photos of the granite multi-pitch, sandstone towers and sandstone cragging.



Change of Plans (as life makes us do on a regular basis)

I am supposed to be new routing in Zion but due to some heavy rains, the plan must change. As my partner and I weighed our options, we decided to try to climb on some classic routes that neither of us have tried in Red Rocks. I look forward to trying other peoples routes and seeing how I do. I am glad that it’s the end of the world that my plans have had to change. Being flexible, being positive and being reliable are more important than a route.

With that in mind, take a look at what I just started playing on! Thanks to Matt for coming out and trying my slightly dirty hand crack and belaying me on this thing that is way too hard for me. It’s a little guy, but it is a weakness of mine and that is what I seek in new routes!


Over Scheduled

I made a goal last year to plan better and limit feeling overwhelmed. Well, I did well until the last two months. The last two months have been tough because I planned it that way. Lesson learned for me. I have been down because I haven’t been able to climb as much as I had wanted which leads me to falter with my training because no goal is near and no smaller goal is even on the table.

I head to Zion this next week to establish new climbs in an area of the park that requires a challenging approach and a committed partner. We will have our pick of the choicest lines and get to climb in solitude. It sounds like a great combination to me!

The one problem is that I won’t be in my best shape since my focus and training has been without direction lately. The new climbs will be single to five pitches in length. The difficulty will range from easy to moderate. I am looking forward to making the first moves on the perfect desert sandstone of Zion with a couple close friends.

Happy Thanksgiving


Two Towers with Matt

I was outside the other day and got my desert sandstone and tower fix with a good friend Matt. We had a really excellent time climbing the Kissing Couple and the Sentinel Spire in Colorado National Monument. It has been a while since I climbed the local sandstone and jamming my feet was painful! I was even questioning my gear a bit. Oh well, with all the obligations that keep busy I still enjoyed every moment of the day! Cheers to more towers and cracks as the season cools even more.


Moses and Erik Weihenmayer

I am loving the opportunity to help others accomplish their goals and sometimes life dreams. This past weekend I was able to go climbing with Erik W and ba aprt of his journey to ascend the Primrose Dihedral on a desert tower near Moab called Moses.

Erik is blind and has worked very hard at everything to become the wonderful athlete and person that he is today. Enjoy some photos of our day together.

If you wonder how he climbs, it’s pretty simple. One climber climbs the pitch while bringing up two ropes. Then a climber climbs just above Erik and identifies holds (hand and foot) for Erik to use. Erik does the rest. Erik is on one rope and the other climber is on the other and they are both being belayed by the leader.