#Moveoutside365 Week 25

Week 25

June 20 denver 2 mile
June 21 kolob 5 mile
June 22 kolob 5 mile
June 23 kolob 5 mile
June 24 cedar city 2 mile
June 25 kolob 5 mile
June 26 kolob 5 mile
Week Total 29 miles
Year Total   451 miles
This week was big. Around 1500ft of vertical for every 2.5 miles moved. I am still feeling worked from the effort that I gave in Kolob Canyon this week. I know that if the snow melts and I get to try my alpine challenge that I am going to need two weeks to recover at least. Big goals have big consequences for success or failure.

#Moveoutside365 Week 24

Week 24

June 13 Unaweep 2 miles
June 14 home 2 miles
June 15 Unaweep 2 mile
June 16 bike path 2 mile
June 17 bike path 2 mile
June 18 unaweep 2 mile
June 19 unaweep 2 mile
Week Total 14 miles
Year Total   422 miles
It is just plain old hot out. I sneak my run it and random times and just get it over with. I am also about half way through the year which is amazing to me. I hope you are still running. I always feel better having completed my runs even when they feel terrible.

#moveoutside365 Week 23

June 6 Lander 4 miles
June 7 home 2 miles
June 8 Unaweep 2 miles
June 9 home 4 miles
June 10 home 2 miles
June 11 home 2 miles
June 12 home 4 miles
Week Total 20 miles
Year Total 408  miles
As I said before, I never thought that I would run this many miles in a year. My wife has competed in 2 half marathons so far and I never break a few miles. Oh well, that is not the point. I turned 43 this week. Life is good. Keep moving forward.

#moveoutside365 Week 22

May 30 2 miles school
May 31 2 miles school 1 mile unaweep
June 1 Salt lake 2 miles
June 2 Yellowstone 4 miles
June 3 Yellowstone 5 miles
June 4 Yellowstone 5 miles
June 5 Thermopolis 2 miles
Week Total  22 miles
Year Total    388 miles
Yellowstone is a great place to lay down the miles! Bear, elk, moose, buffalo oh my!

#moveoutside365 Week 21

May 23 2 miles home Rowan sick
May 24 2 miles school graduation
May 25 2 miles Unaweep climbed many hard pitches evening hike
May 26 2 miles Unaweep 7 new routes bolted
May 27 2 miles home baseball and eve hike
May 28 2 miles school felt worked still
May 29 2 miles school
Week Total 14 miles
Year total 336 miles
Summer is finally here. Going to be running early in the morning now. Kind of just like in the middle of winter!

#Moveoutside365 Week 20

May 16 2 miles Thursday school
May 17 2 miles school
May 18 3 miles mesa. Verde national park
May 19 2 miles Durango
May 20 2 miles school
May 21 2 miles school run in rain
May 22 2 miles school run in rain
Week Total 15 miles
Year Total 322 miles
Been on the road for a few and just trying to catch up! The snow is making the big summer objective looking grim, but we shall push forward anyway!
Stay psyched and keep running.

#Moveoutside365 Week 19

May 9 2 miles walk run after puking
May 10 2 miles walk run on Friday
May 11 2 miles Unaweep canyon climbing
May 12 2 miles bike and play baseball running
May 13 2 miles 80 degrees
May 14 2 miles 85 degrees Tuesday
May 15 2 miles  school
Week Total    14 miles
Year Total      307 miles
The weather has been up and down, hot and cold! I have running in shorts and sweating a lot during lunch these days. IT is way tougher running in the heat that is for sure.
I look back to the January days where it was zero outside and I was running in the dark! What a change.
Stay with it, it may get hot but it is good to see the changes everyday from teh outside.

#Moveoutside365 Week 18

May 2 4 miles hike with school getting better
May 3 2 miles at school
May 4 baseball 3 games! 2 miles run at fields
May 5 2 miles running at home
May 6 2 miles boating and running
May 7 2 miles at lunch 70 degrees
May 8 2 miles at lunch 75 degrees
Week Total 16 miles
Year Total   293 miles
I have been eating right and taking care of my running and stretching. I got a new pair of climbing shoes with a slightly different shape. That change in shape has made my right foot a little sore and I have been monitoring it daily. I finally realized that it was not my running shoe doing it.
I am itching to try the big mountain run/climb/hike that I have planned this summer. I am intimidated and nervous about it. It will have 30,000ft of vertical gain and close to 50 miles of terrain most of it being off trail.
Woot Woot, stay motivated and keep after it.
piz : )